Rules of the Cabbage Soup Diet to lose weight effectively

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Weight loss soup, detox soup, fat-burning broth … Looking for a soup recipe to lose weight? Try the cabbage soup! This easy-to-prepare recipe will help you lose weight easily and quickly. Here is all the essential information to prepare a good cabbage soup burn fat.

Presentation of the cabbage fat burning soup

The fat-burning cabbage soup is a recipe whose main purpose is to help you lose weight fast. This soup is for people who want to lose some extra pounds or want to refine their silhouette.

This soup would lose up to 5 kg in a week. This recipe is one of the most radical to lose weight.

Cabbage soup diet

Note: the loss of weight appears especially from the third day.

Fatty cabbage soup: the recipe

To prepare this fat-burning recipe, you need:

  • A fresh cabbage.
  • Five peeled tomatoes.
  • Three green peppers.
  • Five big enough onions.
  • A branch of celery.
  • Three liters of water.
  • Two cubes of broth (chicken or vegetables).
  • Salt and pepper.

Once all these ingredients together, put them in a saucepan and mix them. Enjoy your hot soup. If you wish, you can add a little ginger and some spices (paprika, curry …).

Cabbage soup: why is it so effective?

Are you wondering how cabbage soup can help you lose weight? First, it is important to note that during your cabbage soup diet, this soup will become the main food of your meals. During this period, you will not consume fatty foods or sweet foods. As a result, your body will draw energy from the available reserves resulting in significant weight loss.

Cabbage soup fat burner

The cabbage soup is also composed of low calorie ingredients. By consuming this soup, you only consume foods that make you lose weight. Another point to consider: this fat-burning soup is an excellent natural appetite suppressant. Indeed, it has a satiating power which allows to limit snacking during the day. This broth is also interesting to detoxify the body.

Finally, cabbage is a vegetable that is one of the best natural fat burners. It also has a detoxifying property, making it a food of choice to eliminate all the bad toxins found in the body. Cabbage also helps digestion.

When to eat cabbage soup?

The cabbage soup is to consume in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. You must eat for a week (it is important to respect this period to avoid any risk of deficiencies).

If the cabbage soup is the main food of your diet, other foods can also be eaten in parallel: vegetables, fruits, lean meat …

Menu ideas for losing weight with cabbage soup

To help you keep up with your cabbage soup diet, here are some menu ideas to follow for a week:

  • Menu 1: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + three fruits (except banana).
  • Menu 2: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + green vegetables.
  • Menu 3: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables + fruits.
  • Menu 4: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + bananas (maximum 3 per day).
  • Menu 5: cabbage soup morning, noon and night + lean meat (300 g).
  • Menu 6: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables + meat (300 g).
  • Menu 7: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables + rice + fruits.

At the end of this week, a stabilization period of 15 days can be started. The return to normal food should be done gradually to avoid a yo-yo effect.

cabbage soup diet recipe

Cabbage soup burns fat: the pros and cons

The cabbage soup is a recipe that has many benefits for the body and the body. On the other hand, this one also has disadvantages not to neglect. Here is an overview of the strong and weak points of fat-burning cabbage soup.

The benefits of this recipe

  • Soup simple to make and which is prepared with few ingredients.
  • Recipe available to all scholarships.
  • Effective soup because weight loss is fast.
  • Plan that lasts only one week.
  • Soup to eat at will.
  • Feeling of hunger not felt because of the satiating effect of the soup.

The disadvantages of this soup

Eating cabbage soup at all meals and for 7 days can become annoying and frustrating.

  • Many foods are prohibited under this scheme.
  • This soup is not suitable for people with intestinal problems.
  • This plan should not last beyond 7 days. If you want to do it again, it is important to wait at least 15 days.

How to the cabbage soup diet ?

Want to try the fat-burning cabbage soup? Here are some tips to put in place to follow this diet:

Try to start your cabbage soup cure on Monday. The week will pass thus faster.
Do not weigh yourself throughout your cabbage soup diet.
Drink plenty of water in parallel with your soup.
Feel free to introduce different spices into your soup. This will vary the flavors and you will avoid a certain monotony.
In parallel with your soup, eat different vegetables and fruits from one day to the next.

If you can, do not hesitate to prepare a good amount of soup all at once. This will allow you to have enough during your week of cure. Also, always having soup on hand, this will force you to consume it and not give in to the temptation of a forbidden food.

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