What is green coffee and the impact on your body to lose weigth

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Do you know green coffee? This natural product closes active ingredients that can be beneficial for our body. Much less known than green tea, this green coffee also has many therapeutic properties.

Today, medicine is very interested in green coffee. The research is just beginning too, it is likely that in the coming months, other articles will reveal new advantages to consume this little seed.

Also, I decided to make lists of benefits of the green coffee on health.

Green coffee in some explanations

Europe discovered coffee at the beginning of the 17th century, but it was mostly consumed as a drink. He is also at the origin of the creation of many cafes in France.

Green coffee is a mature coffee seed. Each fruit, called the sweet name of “coffee cherry”, contains two seeds. Usually, they are burned and then ground to extract all their aromas.

Green coffee

Not roasted, they keep their original green color instead of being black. Since the seed has not undergone any treatment, all the active ingredients have been preserved, unlike the coffee tasted as a drink.

The other interest of green coffee compared to the “little black” is the absence of acrylamide. This potentially carcinogenic compound is produced during roasting.

In California, some major brands marketing coffee have been put on notice to indicate on their product the presence of acrylamide

Benefits of green coffee

A powerful antioxidant to prevent the onset of cancer

Green coffee contains abundant chlorogenic acids. During roasting, these molecules are partially destroyed by heat. Yet these acidic compounds have a beneficial effect on health.

They interact with free radicals and reactive oxygen species to neutralize them. Thus chlorogenic acids trap these compounds which would be toxic for the body.

Indeed, they are able to react with proteins but also the DNA present in the cells and induce very serious dysfunctions that can even lead to the appearance of cancer.

Also thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acids, green coffee would be able to prevent certain cancers.

This claim is supported by a study conducted in the United States on nearly 1,000 people, nearly half of whom reported colorectal cancer.

Researchers at the University of Southern California who conducted this experiment showed that the risk of developing this type of cancer is reduced by 25% by drinking more than 2.5 cups of coffee a day.

Since green coffee contains a larger amount of chlorogenic acids than coffee consumed as a drink, it could protect more effectively against the development of cancers.

Keep young skin longer

Free radicals (again!) Attack the vital functions of cells and thus contribute to their aging. With age, cellular regeneration is slower and healing takes longer.

Green coffee for skin

The cells of the epidermis in contact with the air are particularly attacked by the external elements (the cold, the UV rays, the heat …).

Also thanks to the famous chlorogenic acids of green coffee that neutralize free radicals, you limit skin cell damage to keep skin fresh and glowing longer.

Green coffee, an ideal partner to fight against overweight

Green coffee can help lose weight as part of a balanced diet. The chlorogenic acids contained in this seed facilitate the elimination of fat in the adipocyte cells.

Another advantage is that this acid is able to reduce the formation of glucose from glycogen in the liver. In addition, green coffee acts directly on the intestinal mucosa to reduce the amount of sugar absorbed by the body.

It is also an excellent natural appetite suppressant (such as Chitosan or raspberry ketone) to combat the cravings for excess kilos.

Thanks to the green coffee, you will be able to say goodbye more easily to the encrusted cellulite and unsightly bulges.

Obviously coffee beans can not work miracles (unfortunately for us!) And to observe any effect on your balance, it is imperative that you make healthy and balanced meals and do not forget to practice regular physical exercises to lose calories and build muscles.

Effective against diabetes

A Japanese study conducted in 2006 showed that green coffee is able to lower sugar levels in the liver cells of diabetics. This large-scale five-year experiment involved 17,413 participants.

It has been clearly established that green coffee is an ideal partner for people with type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, this study did not show any effect of green tea on the diabetes of the people followed during this survey.

At present, the biological mechanism that allows the regulation of insulin by green coffee has not been clearly demonstrated.

However, a Danish research team has shown that cafestol present in the coffee bean is responsible for lowering blood sugar levels and increasing insulin production (5).

Reduces bad cholesterol

Green coffee significantly reduces the percentage of bad cholesterol, LDL, which causes cardiovascular disease. In addition, consuming green coffee regularly increases the percentage of HLD, the good cholesterol.

This ability to reduce the share of bad cholesterol is due to the presence of polyphenols in green coffee. After roasting, the seed loses more than half of this precious substance hence the interest to focus on seeds to drink.

Green & black coffee

A diuretic power to purify

Green coffee will act as a detoxifier to more quickly eliminate toxins and waste accumulated in our body. In fact, you ingest and inhale heavy metals, products harmful to health such as pesticides, endocrine disruptors that alter the functions of your body.

In addition, thanks to its action as a diuretic, green coffee will help fight against water retention, a problem that causes edema responsible for heavy legs.

Caffeine to give you tone

Coffee seeds naturally contain caffeine, a molecule of the methylxanthine family. This compound is known to have a stimulating action on both the physical abilities of an individual but also on his brain by improving his memory, concentration and alertness.

Thus, you can easily gain in vitality and endurance while reducing the feeling of fatigue with green coffee. In addition, caffeine helps reduce cerebral blood flow which helps relieve headaches caused by migraine.

To fight against degenerative disease

Free radicals generated by oxidative stress are also able to destroy neurons. By inhibiting the action of these highly reactive compounds with chlorogenic acids, green coffee could play a crucial role in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In addition, it has been shown that the caffeine contained in green coffee reduces the amount of amyloid plaques in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. The effectiveness of green tea against Parkinson’s disease has already been demonstrated.

Prevention against gallstones

Cholelithiasis results in the formation of crystals in the vesicle or bile ducts. These crystals called gallstones consist mainly of cholesterol and calcium, but as I told you green coffee can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body and consequently these seeds can limit the spread of stones.

To reduce high blood pressure

A study of 117 men with mild hypertension showed that green coffee consumption significantly reduced their blood pressure compared with the placebo control group.

Green coffee against disease

Precautions and side effects

Green coffee is sold commercially in various forms depending on your needs: grains, soluble sachets or capsules.

Green coffee has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and no side effects have been reported except for more urine production, due to the fact that green coffee has a diuretic action.

In addition, at high doses, this product may cause nervousness and heart problems. Also, it is better to limit to 600 mg of green coffee per day. If you choose to consume green coffee in capsules or tablets, it is imperative to check that the product contains at least 50% polyphenols.

It is preferable that pregnant women and young children do not consume too much green coffee, even if no medical contraindications have been published to date.

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