Benefits of the lemon detox diet and how healthy is it for your body

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The lemon diet consists in reducing its calorie intake and consuming daily lemon juice in large quantities. It breaks down into a day of detoxification followed by a daily food program. The lemon diet would help promote weight loss by combining balanced low-calorie diet and detoxification of organs using active substances contained in lemon.

The main principles of the detox treatment with the lemon diet

Theresa Cheung first mentioned the principles of the lemon diet. It was inspired by the advice of naturopath Stanley Burroughs who had discussed the positive effects of lemon juice in the 70’s. Their hypothesis is the detoxifying aspect of lemon juice in the body and its contribution to good digestion.

Lemon detox diet

How does the lemon juice diet work?

The lemon diet is not to consume only lemon, it is rather to integrate daily through all meals and follow a balanced diet rather low calorie in parallel. To optimize the effects of lemon, this diet recommends consuming 4 glasses of lemonade * over 24 hours and unlimited water for the first day of detoxification. Subsequently, we will integrate a low calorie diet with all families of foods.

The 7 main principles of the detox cure with the lemon diet are:

  1. Drink lemonade every morning at sunrise and plenty of water during the day.
  2. Enjoy the benefits of vitamin C by eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  3. Regulate your blood sugar by watering your dishes with 1 to 2 tbsp. lemon juice, eating protein at each meal, eating at regular intervals throughout the day, skipping meals and consuming complex carbohydrates (whole grains, vegetables) and fiber.
  4. Eat less sugar by reducing the added sugar in coffee in tea and in cereals, by consuming less refined products like white bread, cookies, white pasta and avoiding artificial sweeteners.
  5. Forget “light” products and focus on foods that are high in fat (omega-3 and monounsaturated) and low in fat (saturated and trans). Consume 2 servings of fish per week including 1 serving of fatty fish and also eat nuts (nuts) and seeds for each of your daily snacks.
  6. Eat a lot of whole (unrefined) or plain foods such as cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables and legumes that are as close as possible to their natural form.
  7. Apply the rules of good digestion by chewing each bite, eating in optimal and calm conditions, without stress, not eating 2 hours before bedtime or when you are very tired, turning off the television and practicing 5 to 6 times a week 30 minutes of physical activity.

How does the diet with lemon water make you lose weight?

Lemon juice would have digestive virtues by acting on the liver and stomach. Vitamin C contained in lemon also allows an antioxidant action that slows cellular aging. If consumed as part of a calorie-reduced and balanced diet, the lemon water diet will help detoxify the body and support weight loss.

Lemon diet

How long does the lemon diet last?

There is no predefined duration for monitoring the lemon diet. Concerning above all a varied and balanced diet supplemented with a consumption of lemon juice, there are no contraindications to follow it in the long term. It is quite possible to practice the diet lemon juice several weeks, even months. For this, it is essential to maintain a diversified diet rich in nutrients in parallel with the consumption of lemon water.

Permitted foods

All foods are allowed, it is however to follow a diet rather low calorie. The books dealing with this diet recommend consuming a maximum of ingredients from organic farming, whole grains and reduce its salt consumption.

The recipe for lemonade, or lemon water, to incorporate into the maple syrup lemon diet:
• 2 tbsp. freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
• 300 ml of filtered water
• 2 tbsp. coffee (= teaspoon) organic maple syrup or cinnamon stick (optional)
• A pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

Prohibited foods

The fries, sweets, cheeses and added fats are to be avoided as much as possible. These are foods that, when consumed in excess, promote weight gain and associated health problems. In addition, for the purpose of detoxification they will not bring any benefits to the body. Indeed, their richness in fats, sugars and / or salt make them foods that disrupt the good digestion by the organs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the maple syrup lemon diet

The good points of the lemon diet
• Weightloss
• Good vitamin C intake
• Facilitates digestion
• Easy to follow
• Very varied, no forbidden food
• No deficiencies or frustration
• Little risk of weight gain
• Respects the nutritional recommendations of the PNNS

The negative points of the lemon juice diet
• May damage the stomach if hypersensitivity to acidity
• Detox effect still uncertain
• The day of detoxification is very low calorie, it should not be extended in the long term
• Not suitable for kidney problems, gallbladder, ulcers, gastritis or citrus allergy
• Must not be used in children, elderly, pregnant or lactating women

Lemon juice detox

Recommendations and precautions to take

Are there any risks to follow the detox treatment with the lemon diet?

If the day of hypocaloric detoxification is not prolonged and if the diet remains varied and balanced, there are no particular risks to follow the lemon diet. Except in exceptional cases (pregnancy, kidney diseases, etc.) it is a regime that is generally suitable for the greatest number.

Is this a diet for you?

Yes if you like lemon and want to shed a few pounds relatively easily. It is not a drastic diet, weight loss is natural and allowed by a balanced diet that covers energy needs.

Is the lemon diet compatible with sport?

Absolutely, if your nutrient needs are covered by a balanced diet, the practice of a sport is absolutely recommended in parallel with the diet lemon juice. Practicing a sport will help tone the body, facilitate weight loss and maintain a healthy weight over the long term.

The before-after lemon diet: how not to regain weight?

The recovery of weight after the lemon diet is not inevitable. It usually occurs when caloric restriction has been too great and conventional feeding days have not been sufficiently well constructed to meet the body’s needs.

Once the diet is balanced and provides the body with everything it needs, there is no reason to regain weight after the diet. On the contrary, the lemon diet can be a good way to relearn to eat healthy and to take better habits that will have to be kept even when the detox treatment with the lemon diet stops.

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